About Us

About Yu Dian Singapore
Started from the province of Taiwan taichung with over 50 years of dripping chicken technique to perfection. In 2018 our founders have decided to form a brand called Yu Dian 御點 in order to expand and share our high quality chicken essence and products to customers all over the world.
Our brand mainly focuses on manufacturing and importing health products from Taiwan such as drip chicken essence. 
Aside from Singapore, Yu Dian is currently available in Taiwan, Philippines, Cambodia and Hong Kong. 
Our mission is to serve customers all around the world and provide nutritious foods. 
How drip chicken essence is made
Our drip chicken essence is made from free range black feathered chicken from mountains of Taiwan. Every precious drop of the Taiwanese chicken essence comes with high levels of protein, amino acids, multivitamins.

Our method of making chicken essence, involves using a high-temperature vacuum technique to concentrate the liquid and avoid excess water.

Using a vacuum technique to concentrate chicken essence can have several potential benefits, including:

  1. Reducing water content: This method can help reduce the amount of excess water in the chicken essence, resulting in a more concentrated and flavorful chicken essence.

  2. Preserving nutrients: The vacuum technique can help preserve the nutrients and flavors of the chicken, as it reduces the need for prolonged exposure to high temperatures that can destroy or degrade certain compounds.

By using high pressure vacuum method, we achieved the purest form of chicken essence, bringing 100% natural chicken essence that can be consumed during pregnancy.  

Benefits of Drip chicken essence

Chicken essence is commonly used as natural source of nutrients. In Chinese culture, chicken essence is often consumed during pregnancy and after childbirth to support maternal health and nourish the body.

Drip chicken essence is best during pregnancy as it provides the following benefits from chicken essence:

  1. Provides essential nutrients: Chicken essence is rich in protein, collagen, and other nutrients that are important for fetal growth and development.

  2. Boosts energy: Pregnancy can be exhausting, and chicken essence can help provide a natural energy boost to help expectant mothers feel more alert and less fatigued.

  3. Supports immune function: The amino acids and other compounds found in chicken essence may help support immune function, which can be especially important during pregnancy when the body is more susceptible to illness.

  4. Promotes postpartum recovery: Consuming chicken essence after childbirth may help support postpartum recovery and aid in the healing process.

Yu Dian Drip Chicken Essence in Its purest form
- No growth hormones
- No antibiotics, chemicals or drugs administered during breeding process
- Lower fat content
- Higher nutrient level
- Natural and cage free
- High Quality Breeding environment, which increases the amount of exercise
making the quality of the meat and nutrients surpasses the general chickens
Using the quality of our ingredients, our brand produce higher levels of branched chain amino acid, protein and collagen compare to other brands. our quality is tested through special chain of amino acids as the key quality control index component
Drip Chicken Essence Manufacturing site 
Our drip chicken essence is produced in Tai Chung Taiwan. every pack of drip chicken essence is packed by hand and handled with care. Each production batch of drip chicken essence is sent for lab testing and certified by SGS Taiwan to ensure only best quality product is made and serve.