1. What is the shelf life of the drip chicken essence?

- Can be stored 18 months from date of manufacturing

2. Does it taste like traditional chicken essence?

- No, Our drip chicken essence boast significant improvement on the taste. Taste

similar to chicken soup

3. Can High blood pressure, diabetes drink chicken essence?

- Patient with suffering from these diseases may drink 1 sachet in a week or


4. Can drip chicken essence consume every day?

- Yes it is best to consume every morning with empty stomach

5. When will the product delivered?

- Delivery is usually made within 1 – 2 days

6. Can I cancel my order or refunded?

- No refund are allowed once payment has been made

7. Is it halal certified?

- Our drip chicken essence is non halal certified

8. Do you deliver to Malaysia?

- Currently we don’t provide delivery to Malaysia

9. How to store the product?

- Our product can be stored in room temperature for 18months from the date of

manufacturing. Expiry date indicated in the bottom of the sachet.