Benefits Of Yu Dian Dripped Chicken Essence

How is drip chicken essence made?

Our Chicken Essence is dripped from black feather chicken from the mountain ranges of Taiwan; every precious drop comes with high-level nutrients, such as protein and vitamins, to ensure that our body receives optimum nutrition. 

We use one whole chicken to drip out the most precious essence of the chicken without adding water to produce the best quality and tasty chicken essence.

Our Drip Chicken Essence boasts a significant improvement in taste, like boiled chicken soup, compared to regular chicken essence. Our product is made with 100% pure black feathered chicken essence extracted with no added water, preservatives, artificial flavouring, and colourings, producing a pleasing aroma without any unpleasant smell or taste.

Benefits of drinking drip chicken essence

By drinking drip chicken every morning, the delicious chicken essence can help to energise our body and rejuvenate our immune system.

Drip chicken essence is suitable for pregnancy preparation, as it nourishes our cells and body tissues which helps the baby's growth and development inside the mother's womb.   

Drip chicken essence is also suitable for women that are having menstruation cramps. When women go through menstruation, their body loses a lot of blood, and it drains their body's energy. Chicken essence can help boost our body's energy, ease pain, and improve blood circulation. 

Benefits of Drip Chicken Essence

- High Collagen Level total of 5830mg per 100ml

- High level of amino acids for daily consumption, which our body cannot process by Itself (Total Amino Acid/100ml – _23641mg)

- Helps in baby’s development and growth

- Mensuration comfort

- Energizer and relieves fatigue

- Pre and post-natal care

- Multivitamins

- Strengthen immunity and replenish the nutrient needed in the body

- Suitable for breastfeeding

- No pork or other ingredients added

Drip chicken essence is suitable for who?

Drip Chicken Essence is best for kids, young adults, working individuals, pregnant women, post-natal recovery, and soon-to-be fathers.


How to consume drip chicken essence

Method 1 Water bath: Heat the product: Heat the product for 3-5 minutes in hot water. 

Method 2 Pot heating: Pour the product into a pan and boil it for 3 minutes.

Method 3 Rice cooker: Pour the product into a bowl, and steam it in a rice cooker with 40ml of water in the outer pot for 5 - 8 minutes.

Quality Control

Our drip chicken essence has undergone various quality checks to assure our beloved customers, such as HACCP, ISO 2200 and quality control certified by SGS Taiwan.

We used the total branch of amino acids as the quality control indicator component, and each package is certified by SGS Taiwan. 






* Consumers with high blood pressure, gout, or maple syrup urine disease, please consult doctors before consumption.  

*Not recommended for children under three years old.