• Singapore Traditional Essence Of Chicken

    Boost Baby's Brain Development

  • Traditional Essence Of Chicken

    Boost Mummy's Immune System

  • Drip Essence Of Chicken

    No Water and No Preservatives Added

  • Essence Of Chicken Drink Singapore

    Made From 100% Pure Black Feathered Chicken

  • Singapore Taiwan Chicken Essence

    Manufactured In Taiwan

  • Essence Of Chicken Drink

    Certified ISO2200

  • Love the taste of the chicken essence, has been drinking it since 2nd trimester. i love the chicken of essence benefit

    -Tracy .T

  • Used to steam chicken weekly but now so easy to drink it. Drink it daily. 5/5 also very fast delivery.

    -Xiu Lan

  • Bought it for my son's exam period, he seems always tired, chicken essence make him more alert and focus :)

    - Margarette Low

  • Got flu and fever, i drink this chicken essence and feeling much better the following day, really love great chicken essence singapore

    - Susan Chang

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Yu Dian Premium Pure Honey

"Experience the Sweet Symphony of Yu Dian Longan Honey and Lychee Honey: Nourish Your Body, Delight Your Senses!"

Yu Dian Love Hampers

"Elevate Your Well-being and Discover the Joy of Yu Dian Drip Chicken Essence Hampers."

Chicken Essence Singapore

A Guarantee For Our Love Ones

Only the best ingredients are used. ISO2200 and HACCP certified.

Providing you the best benefits from our essence of chicken

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Singapore Essence Of Chicken Drink

Every one Can Have A Cup

Our chicken essence can be consumed by mothers, fathers, working adults and students!

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Singapore Chicken Essence

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  • Client Essence Of Chicken Drink

Singapore Drip Chicken Essence

Experience Greatness In Every Drip

Pure drip chicken essence can be one of the most nourishing substances anyone can easily consume. Providing essential nutrients and strength, drink Chinese chicken essence every day to strengthen the body and fortify your immune system against illnesses and disease.

Singapore Drip Essence Of Chicken

Precious In Every Drop Of Chicken Essence

Our chickens are reared in an open farm, allowing our chickens to grow in the calm and unspoiled mountainous regions of Changhua’s Tianwei Township in Taiwan. We supplement their natural diet with nutritious feed to ensure that each of our black feathered roosters grows up strong and healthy.

Drip chicken essence follows the traditional methodology, extracting every ounce of nutrient in the chicken we use for our products. These traditional recipes have been improved with modern methods, packaging and preservation techniques to ensure the best possible product for you and your loved ones to use.

Drip Essence Of Chicken Singapore


Fancy a gift? Health is wealth, and nothing beats sending a set of nourishing pure chicken essence in Singapore. Your loved ones can drink these daily to improve their overall health.

Wrapped up in red, our novelty Yu Dian products are designed to be immediately gifted. Each sachet comes in a crimson red, reminiscent of a red packet, acting as a perfect gift for Chinese New Year or any special occasion for well wishes and prosperity.

Learn About our Manufacturing Site in Taiwan

Our site has operated for the last 30 years, housing a board of experts and professionals to ensure that every part of the process from the rearing of chickens, manufacturing, packaging and exporting is of the highest standards.

Available for purchase in Singapore, Philippines, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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