4 Major Signs Of Burnout & How To Regain Energy Back

4 Major Signs Of Burnout & How To Regain Energy Back

While multitasking is a common feature of daily life, doing long and repetitive tasks can get draining at times and may cause burnout. That’s why it’s necessary to identify the indications that you’re near your limit, so you can quickly take the necessary steps to prevent it from getting worst such as anxiety or depression. To give you an idea, check out the 4 major signs of burnout out and how to deal with it.

1. Your mind won’t shut down even while resting

You’ve had a long day at work and school and all you can think about is getting some quality sleep. However, as you lie in your bed, all you can think of is the long pile of tasks that you have on hand and how to finish it all. To make matters worse, the more you worry about it, the more it is difficult for you to fall asleep. And before you can even close your eyes and try to sleep, your alarm rings, and it’s time to start a brand new day.

To avoid or break this cycle, it’s recommended to engage in a relaxing activity at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Stay away from your smartphone or computer and try different things like sipping a cup of tea, reading a book or taking a warm bath. To calm your mind about your unfinished tasks, it’s useful to create a to-do list to put your mind at ease and rest well, knowing that you’re prepared for tomorrow.

2. Your short-term memory is failing

You can’t remember where you placed your phone even though you were using it just minutes ago, and you can’t remember when you last had a conversation with someone, including what was it about – this is a sign of a fatigued brain. When your brain is overpowered, your ability to remember recent events fails and your short-term memory storage gets affected.

To reduce the chances of memory loss, try not to rush things and stay organised. If possible, try to do things one at a time and list them down one-by-one to avoid stuffing everything in your brain which could affect your short term memory storage. In addition, you can try our pure chicken essence which is proven to be an effective mental fatigue recovery supplement to increase your day-to-day efficiency and avoid short term memory loss.

3. You’ve become resistant to caffeine

The majority of working people count on a cup or two of caffeinated drink to get through the day - some drink it right after waking up to prepare for a new day while some drink coffee to stay awake to finish important tasks. However, if you find yourself crashing back the fifth cup without feeling the boost that you need, it may be time to stop since being unable to react to caffeine is a sign of an exhausted body and mind.

If you’re drinking coffee to keep your brain alert or regaining energy, the good thing is that there are other alternatives. Aside from coffee, you can listen to energetic music which could bang your head and move your body or go for a short walk. It’s also good to take at least three intervals between tasks throughout the day so your brain can relax and rejuvenate in between jobs.

4. You feel exhausted after exercise

Aside from coffee, most people opt to go out for a jog, walk or a session at the gym to feel energised. If you’ve done these things but you feel that doing exercise only seems to make you even more exhausted, it can be a sign that your body is not able to handle the additional burden. As an alternative, you can try a less intense form of physical activity such as doing pilates or yoga; this maintains your fitness without straining your body. Slowly build up your body’s strength and understand that it is not a short sprint but a long marathon to build the foundations of a healthy lifestyle.

5. You’re easily irritated

Everybody indeed has bad days when things don’t go as planned, but when you are burnt out, you’ll find yourself lashing out at anything and everything under the sun – from your coffee taste to someone talking loudly in the office. In these situations, the best remedy is to get some rest as soon as possible or go on a much-needed holiday. This will give you some perspective and a mental break to get through the busy period in one piece.


Mental fatigue is a serious condition and if left untreated, can transform into a more severe illness such as anxiety and depression. If you feel stressed, overwhelmed or emotional, you could be suffering from burnout, so it’s important to identify its signs and know how to handle it properly.

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