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Yu Dian Drip Chicken Essence 8 Packs (52Ml/Sachets)

Yu Dian Drip Chicken Essence 8 Packs (52Ml/Sachets)

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Our Drip Chicken Essence

Yu Dian’s drip chicken essence is made from our free-range black-feathered chickens from Taiwan’s natural and pristine mountain range. Unspoiled by pollution and chemicals, our chickens are of the highest quality and freshness, with every drop bursting with nutrients and nourishment for people of all walks of life. They are packaged and sealed to provide optimum nutrition after importing to Singapore. 

Benefits of drinking drip chicken essence   

Fatigue is often experienced by (current or soon to be) mothers, as their body goes through many changes to allow for the process of pregnancy, feeding of their children and personal recovery. Not only is chicken essence a good supplement to help with a kid’s brain development, but it can also be used to replenish the loss of nutrients as the mother supplements the child’s diet while they are in her womb. 

Chicken essence is also recommended for mothers in the post pregnancy term that are breastfeeding their children or have found it challenging to provide sufficient milk during lactation, as a poor diet can cause the body to prioritise other key functions before directing energy and resources to produce milk.

Still, the high nutrient, multi-vitamin and protein source of chicken essence can be consumed by anyone regularly to supplement a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Who Should Drink Drip Chicken Essence? 

As mentioned above, pregnant and post pregnant mothers require the most nutritional supplements because of the bodily strain birthing and caring for a newborn infant causes. People who have stressful crunch periods at work or school can consume drip chicken essence because the body best absorbs nourishment from nutrient-dense solutions. 

Best taken in the morning with an empty stomach to maximise absorption, one can also utilise it in various dishes and recipes. A good way of doing so would be to steam it with chicken to cook nourishing broth that is delicious as it is healthy. 

Those with high blood pressure, gout or maple syrup urine disease should consult their doctors and seek professional advice before consumption. You should also seek their advice if you are on medication or other medical conditions. Not recommended for children under three years old.

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Our Drip Chicken Essence


Our drip chicken essence boast significant improvement for on the taste compared to traditional chicken essence extract similar to a boiled chicken soup.

with no added ingredient or water, our chicken essence's natural taste is similar to a boiled chicken soup

Heating method

- consume directly from the shachet

- boil the sachet in hot water for 3 minutes

Cooking with dishes

- Add a sachet of drip chicken essence to your favorite dish

- cook 2 sachet of drip chicken essence with egg

- pour on top of steamed vegetable or steamed egg


* Consumers with high blood pressure, gout, maple syrup urine disease please consult doctors before consumption.

* Not recommended for children under 3 years old.