6 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Drip Chicken Essence

6 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Drip Chicken Essence

The essence of chicken is believed to have plenty of good benefits for our health. It is widely known in many Asian countries as a traditional remedy for fatigue and an effective health supplement.

Drip chicken essence is essentially chicken essence double-boiled, double-filtered, and degreased to produce the purest and healthiest extract.

Due to its meticulous extraction process, drip chicken essence provides superior nourishment. However, while the benefits of drip chicken essence have long been widely speculated, not many people are sure about whether these benefits are true. Hence, here are 6 of the best benefits of drip chicken essence that scientific studies have proven.

1. Boosts body immunity

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we must prioritise our immunity. Fortunately, one of the main benefits of drip chicken essence is to help maintain our immune system in optimal condition. Regular consumption of chicken essence can help us avoid flu infections by regulating our immune functions.
Based on a study from Cambridge University, chicken essence is proven to have a boosting effect on our immunoglobulins or antibodies. It helps us maintain our antibodies, regardless of whether we are in a normal or stressed condition.

2. Combats physical and mental fatigue

Chicken essence is already widely known to have the ability to reduce our physical fatigue. But did you know that consuming drip chicken essence can also help you recover from mental fatigue? In a study published on Med Sci Monit in 2013, it was found that chicken essence is a promising anti-fatigue food that can aid both our physical and mental recovery.

Mental fatigue is a state of exhaustion that sets in when our brain’s energy levels are drained. Its symptoms can include difficulty concentrating, anxiety, irritability, sleeplessness, and confusion. By consuming drip chicken essence every day, you can effectively combat these symptoms of mental fatigue.

3. Improves focus and concentration

Impaired focus and concentration are one of the common symptoms of mental fatigue. Hence, by consuming drip chicken essence daily, you can eventually improve your concentration as it helps you recover quickly from mental fatigue.

In a study performed by Zain AM and published in the Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences in 2008, it was found that chicken essence can have a positive impact on brain performance, as measured by the EEG machine. It can increase the production of stress relieving hormones, making our bodies recover quickly from stress and ultimately restore our optimum brain functions.

4. Enhances mood

In an increasingly competitive and fast-paced society, inevitably, we regularly face stress. Stress can also result in mood swings and feeling down from time to time.

According to a study published on the Medicine Journal in 2013, the essence of chicken can have benefits to our cognitive functions. Particularly, it can increase alertness and reduce anxiety. Drip chicken essence contains concentrated amounts of amino acids, proteins, and peptides, which is believed to enhance the quality of our physical and mental health. It can help alleviate stress and enhance one’s mood.

5. Regulates blood sugar level

Diabetes is among the ten leading causes of death in Singapore. While there is no cure for this lifelong illness, it can be managed with a proper diet, regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and controlling our blood sugar level.

If you are looking for an effective way to monitor and control your blood sugar level, consuming drip chicken essence every day is something you can consider. In a study carried out by a group of scientists from the Institute for Protein Research at Osaka University, it was concluded that chicken essence has benefits that can minimise hyperglycaemia or high blood sugar level. Remarkably, the essence of chicken has been proven to contain L-Carnosine, a type of protein that helps regulate blood sugar levels.

6. Natural source of energy

If you are in search of a better natural alternative to energy drinks, drip chicken essence might be the one you are looking for. Studies have shown that the essence of chicken is a natural energy booster.

Notably, the Chinese Journal of Physiology has concluded that consuming chicken essence after exercising can help speed up the body’s recovery from fatigue. Moreover, drip chicken essence does not come with the harmful side effects of the regular consumption of energy drinks as it is a natural energy source.


Scientific studies have proven that chicken essence indeed has plenty of health benefits. For this reason, drip chicken essence is a popular and effective health supplement. Incorporating drip chicken essence into your everyday diet is highly recommended if you want to strengthen your mind and body. Drip chicken essence can help us live a healthier lifestyle with its numerous benefits.

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