6 Tips to Jump-Start Mornings and Keep Energy Levels Up

6 Tips to Jump-Start Mornings and Keep Energy Levels Up

Morning fatigue is a norm for many people. There are days when, instead of feeling refreshed and energised when you wake up, you feel tired and want to go back to bed. While it is recommended to see a doctor if your morning tiredness persists and extends throughout the daytime, there are ways for you to have more energy and feel alive when you wake up.

One can easily dismiss the morning funk as a result of insufficient rest. However, you must do something about it to get your day going and be as productive as possible. Crawling out of bed in a fog and half-dazed can affect your entire day because having little to no energy will prevent you from getting anything done. Here are a few tips to help you jump-start your day and have more energy in the mornings:

1. But First, Water 

Water stimulates your vital organs and keeps your blood pumping in the morning, helping you to be in a wakeful state a few minutes after you get out of bed. Drinking a glass of water the moment you wake up keeps your body hydrated. It wards off sleepiness and fatigue, which can be caused by mild dehydration.

You can drink a glass of warm water or water with lemon and cinnamon to further stimulate your body.

2. Drink Drip Chicken Essence 

Yu Dian's drip chicken essence has a high level of collagen at 5830mg per 100ml. It also has amino acid at 23641mg per 100ml. This is because chicken essence is packed with nutrients nourishing the body's cells and tissues. By drinking chicken essence in Singapore in the morning, your body will feel more energised, and your immune system will be rejuvenated. 

Chicken essence is also recommended for pregnant women or those suffering from menstrual cramps.

3. Stretch Those Muscles

A quick yoga in the morning warms up your muscles, promoting the circulation of bodily fluids. Yoga also helps relieve stress, improve your breathing, release endorphins, stimulate your digestive system, and boost focus and concentration. By stretching your body in the morning, you'll be able to feel more awake and ready to take on new challenges throughout the day.

4. Have a Cold Shower 

A warm shower can relax your tired body, which is why it is recommended at the end of the day. If you want to feel invigorated, you need to have a cold shower. A study suggests that a cold shower increases plasma norepinephrine concentration, which is part of the body's natural fight-or-flight response. This means that cold water running down your body causes deeper tissue blood vessels to dilate, increasing your blood flow, circulation, and heart rate. In other words, it helps keep your body moving in the morning.

5. Eat a Hearty Breakfast 

A good breakfast energises your body. However, this doesn't necessarily mean a big breakfast with many carbs. A light and healthy breakfast with porridge, cereal, fruits, and vegetables are recommended.

6. Get Some Sunlight

Getting some sunlight in the morning stimulates the brain. This is because the short wavelength of blue light in sunlight suppresses the brain's melatonin, making you sleepy.


There are many ways to have more energy in the morning. You can start with the tips mentioned above and create long-term habits of your own. To ensure your morning is as beautiful and fired up as possible, don't forget to add drip chicken essence to your diet. It's filled with the necessary nutrients to perk you up and make sure you start your day right. 

At Yu Dian, we are your leading source of top-quality chicken essence hampers in Singapore. Get yours today!

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