What Nutrients Can You Get From Consuming Chicken Essence?

What Nutrients Can You Get From Consuming Chicken Essence?

If you grew up in an Asian household or have been to some Asian countries like Malaysia and Singapore, you probably already heard about chicken essence. It is a popular nutritional supplement that’s made by extracting nutrient-rich liquid from high-quality chickens. Although many people believe that chicken essence is the same as chicken broth, these two are quite different. Chicken essence is much more nutritious and is often considered the highly concentrated version of chicken broth.

Because of its health benefits, chicken essence is good for pregnancy preparation and child development. But what is it exactly about chicken essence that makes it so nutritious and a highly recommended supplement for pregnant women and children? To find out how the essence of chicken can benefit you or your child, this article discusses the major nutritional content of this widely popular natural supplement.

The nutrients present in chicken essence

Traditional Chinese medicine popularly uses chicken essence as a nutritional supplement to enhance stamina, revitalise the spleen and stomach, and strengthen bones and muscles. This is not surprising considering that, in comparison to other kinds of meat, chicken is richer in amino acids, carnosine, creatinine, and trace elements and contains higher protein. The ingredients found in chicken can easily dissolve and transfer to chicken broth through heating and boiling.

However, because chicken essence is taken in a more strictly controlled extraction process, the ingredients’ proportion and their bioactivities in chicken essence differ from that in chicken broth. Chicken essence, particularly, has some special nutrients, such as trace elements, carnosine, amino acids, anserine, taurine, vitamins, and minerals. The vitamins you can find in chicken essence include vitamins B2, B6, B12, and C and falacin and niacin. Meanwhile, some of the minerals usually present in chicken essence are iron, calcium, and zinc.

Ways you or your child can benefit from chicken essence

The nutrients found in chicken essence are essential in strengthening one’s physical and mental health. They can improve physical-induced fatigue, relieve stress and mental exhaustion, enhance immunity, promote blood circulation, and boost learning and memory. For this reason, chicken essence is especially beneficial for pregnant women and growing children.

During pregnancy, your body must receive plenty of nourishing food to improve your immune system and balance your energy. By drinking chicken essence rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, you can ultimately boost your energy, stimulate your appetite, and enhance your immune system while pregnant. The amino acids found in chicken essence are also helpful in preventing reproductive disorders and improving fertility.

Similarly, the nutrients found in chicken essence make it an ideal nourishment for your growing child because they can help boost their brain growth and enhance their brain function, concentration, and memory. As your child grows up, they need many types of essential nutrients for their brain development, and chicken essence provides generous amounts of them. Aside from enhancing brain health, nutritious chicken essence can help facilitate better physical growth in your child and can aid in your baby’s development even while they are still inside your womb.


With all the essential nutrients present in it, there is no doubt that chicken essence is a highly nutritious supplement you can either drink straight from the bottle or cup or add to your meal recipes. The health advantages and nutritional value of chicken essence are not mere hearsay. They have been proven by scientific studies and are here to benefit more and more adults and children.

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