Factors That Go Into Brewing A Great Chicken Essence Product

Factors That Go Into Brewing A Great Chicken Essence Product

Chicken essence has been seemingly given the almighty green pass from most families – simply accepting it as a healthy, delicious and all-around nutritious product for both recovering patients, pregnant mothers, the sick and the elderly. But have you ever wondered if all chicken essences were created equal?

Always seen in either a small bottle or simple sachet, it’s been assumed that chicken essence is just that – pure and distilled essence of chicken drink without any additives. And one might assume that this means any chicken essence on the market doesn’t have much difference from another brand. That really can’t be further from the truth, and we show the difference that makes the biggest difference in what goes into great chicken essence. 

The chicken itself, actually

It goes without saying that in a product purely distilled from chicken, the chicken itself is extremely crucial. With no additives or artificial supplements added, the goodness and nutrition found in the original chicken are what translates into the final product itself. 

Does the chicken have a nutritious diet? Does it have free range over its habitat? Does it grow in a stressful or stress-free environment? Those are but some of the questions we get our customers to ask as those are the kinds of chicken we use for our chicken essence products at Yudian. In fact, we go the extra mile in sourcing black-feathered chickens that are known for their vitality and nutritious standard. They say that no part of the process can be skimped on the get the best product, and we start off with the best chicken we can find and let them stay at the mountainside to ensure they grow up plump and healthy.


And this refers to not just the time it needs for the chicken to grow (instead of rushing to process it when it is barely of suitable age) but also giving the distillation process of obtaining chicken essence proper time to be carried out. This results in a process that takes hours to distil the full goodness of the chicken as we use a low-heat process that maintains as many nutrients as possible. While time is often an overlooked ‘ingredient’ in the process of cooking, most professional chefs will ensure you that taking the proper time to prepare an ingredient will not just ensure that it is cooked in its best state possible, its flavour (and nutrition) will often be much greater than a rushed product. 

Excellent packaging and storing processes

While this might not be such a problem if chicken essence is freshly prepared, the packaging and storing technologies used create a significant impact when we are importing our product overseas. The time spent in shipping and the temperature fluctuation can cause chicken essence to lose its nutritious properties through degradation, and proper packaging and storage can help seal in the goodness until someone opens the bottle to consume it. 


Whether you are looking to get chicken essence for new mothers or for someone you love, don’t just get chicken essence at the cheapest price point or from any random brand. Getting it from brands that ethically source their products and invest the proper time, money and effort to getting the best product means that you’ll be getting the best supplement for both you and your loved ones. In fact, knowing that this is what we do at Yudian, we are proud to say that our product has helped many mothers on their road to recovery and providing the best nutrition to nourish their bodies and their babies during their pregnancy period. Just like how you’d only get the best for your loved ones, we only deliver our best to you as well.

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