Thoughtful Gifts You Can Get For New And Pregnant Moms

Thoughtful Gifts You Can Get For New And Pregnant Moms

Being a new mom is as much an adventure as it is a long journey. New mothers often aren’t sure what to expect, and even the most well-prepared new mum can often get overwhelmed by the stresses and fatigue of motherhood.

Yet, it is said that it takes a village to raise a child. Not only does it mean the practical care and time spent with the young one, it is also meant to take care of the mother as she goes through new experiences with her body as hormonal changes and recovery are to be expected. So, knowing all these, what are some of the things we can give to new mothers to encourage and aid them in their journey in motherhood?

Fruits & Vitamin Supplements

Childbirth and recovery are extremely taxing on the body – and yet this is the time when mothers are needed to be the strongest as they care for their newborn. From producing milk to being awake almost 24/7 as her life now revolves around caring for the needs of a young infant, mothers need all the care and love they need to last the long mile.

That is where simple fruits and supplements come in. As much as new mothers require proper food and dieting, we understand when their fatigue results in a dramatic drop in their appetite. While not a substitute, fruits and vitamin supplements are a great way to reintroduce much-needed nutrients into their diet and lifestyle, keeping them healthy against illnesses and fatigue.

Chicken Essence

Similar to fruits and vitamins, chicken essence provides much-needed nutrition. However, the nutrients found in chicken essence are more akin to a fortified and nutritious meal. While it still isn’t a substitute for proper food, the nutrients are distilled from a whole chicken, providing for all sorts of goodness that the body can absorb.

This is especially so for mothers that are producing milk to be consumed by their babies as the nutrients from consumed chicken essence will invariably trickle down into the milk that is provided for the baby. Getting chicken essence for new mothers can also be very easily done by getting them a specialised chicken essence hamper, especially as a congratulatory gift.

Baby Supplies

From baby formula to diapers and even small things like wet tissue or baby food – there is simply so much that a mother can need to raise her infant. It almost seems like too much is never enough, as newborns are known to go through up to 8-12 diapers in a single day! Not only is this a practical help, it is also a great help financially as you help them in their needed shopping for their little one.

Thoughts, Well-wishes and Advice

Nothing is more comforting than knowing that we are watched out for. If you are a seasoned parent, mother, or even just a great friend, your well-wishes go a long way in their time of need! Give them advice if you know any, or simply just let them know that you’re around if they need any help or assistance. Mothers go through a lot in their day-to-day while raising a child, and any support given to them will definitely be most appreciated!


There are indeed so many things we can get for them. Most importantly, being there by their side and helping them with things big or small can often go unnoticed but is highly appreciated as you ease the new mother’s mind and give them the opportunity to rest more.

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