Why You Must Add Drip Chicken Essence To Your Pregnancy Diet

Why You Must Add Drip Chicken Essence To Your Pregnancy Diet

It is no secret that pregnancy and childbirth can alter a woman’s body in drastic ways. Some of the expected changes include blood loss, shifted organs and changes in one’s body shape. However, all of these are just what you can notice on the surface.

Internally, invisible adjustments to the naked eye also occur within a pregnant woman’s body. For this reason, many Asians follow a conscious diet during and after their pregnancy. One of the most nutritious and effective products that many pregnant women incorporate into their diet is drip chicken essence.

But why should you add drip chicken essence into your diet? This article discusses some of the benefits of drip chicken essence for pregnant and recovering mothers.

What is drip chicken essence?

Drip chicken essence is essentially chicken essence produced through a more thorough and meticulous extraction process. The “drip” method of making chicken essence usually involves double boiling an entire chicken over a strainer into a ceramic pot heated over a charcoal fire.

The chicken is slow cooked for approximately 8 hours without adding any water. The chicken essence is collected drop by drop, double-filtered and degreased during this process. This results in the purest and most nutritious product!

Why do pregnant women need drip chicken essence?

Drip chicken essence offers supreme nourishment for everyone -- especially expecting and new mothers. During pregnancy, your body must receive plenty of nourishment to boost your immune system and balance your energy. Amongst the different food groups that boast nutrition to aid recovery, chicken essence comes at the very top.

And consuming drip chicken essence can do just that! Drip chicken essence is the best chicken essence for pregnancy as a multi-vitamin product high in protein and other nutrients.

Moreover, because it undergoes a repeated oil filtering process, drip chicken essence does not have any unwanted calories and retains an authentic taste that pregnant women would surely love.

Post-pregnancy benefits

If you want to maximise the health benefits of drip chicken essence, you should continuously consume it even after your pregnancy. It is essential that you consume highly nutritious food and supplements to facilitate your fast recovery, especially during the first weeks following your childbirth. Here are some reasons you should still incorporate drip chicken essence into your post-pregnancy or confinement diet.

Boosts strength and energy

Drip chicken essence has plenty of proteins and vital amino acids that the human body needs to function adequately. Together, these nutrients help increase a new mother’s energy levels after childbirth. One of these vital amino acids is glutamine, which particularly hastens the repair of post-pregnancy operative wounds. Another amino acid called tryptophan can regulate moods and help new mothers cope with postpartum blues.

Improves lactation

New nursing mothers are encouraged to eat suitable types of food to increase their milk production. Aside from this, you may also be advised to take supplements to help your body keep up with producing adequate breast milk for your newborn. Drip chicken essence is one of the best products you can use to supplement your postnatal diet for better lactation.

According to a clinical study conducted on 235 new mothers, it was found that the nutrients of chicken essence have the ability to induce early milk secretion and enhance milk production, all while still maintaining the excellent quality of your breast milk.

Enhances overall post-pregnancy recovery

During and after pregnancy, your body undergoes several changes and strains. Hence, your body needs some time to heal after childbirth. Mainly, you would need lots of nutrients to help your body recover.

Drip chicken essence can give you plenty of such nutrients. It can specifically enhance your iron absorption and restore your blood haemoglobin levels rapidly. It may also help with physical and mental fatigue, common in recovering mothers.


Overall, adding getting drip chicken essence during pregnancy and post-pregnancy diets can help new mothers prepare for and recover from childbirth with ease. Due to the bodily strains caused by birthing and caring for a newborn, pregnant and post-pregnant mothers require a lot more nutritional supplements than ordinary people. Drip chicken essence can effectively provide you with such nutrients.

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