5 Unique Gifts That’ll Surely Make Life Easier For New Mums

5 Unique Gifts That’ll Surely Make Life Easier For New Mums

Becoming a mother can be a wonderful but challenging experience at the same time. This is especially so for first-time mums as the experience of taking care of a newborn can be a mixed bag of emotions. Because of this, new mums deserve to be loved and watched out for by the people around them.

If you know someone who has just entered motherhood, show your love and admiration for her by giving her an amazing gift. Gift-giving is one of the best ways to make new mothers happy. When purchasing a gift for a new mum, be sure to choose something she will actually use. Here are 5 of the best gifts you can give to a new mum to make her life a lot easier.

1. A box of chicken essence

Many new mothers experience postpartum fatigue, and one of the best ways to overcome this is to consume pure chicken essence. It has already been scientifically proven that chicken essence is an excellent anti-fatigue supplement that aids both physical and mental recovery for new mothers. Moreover, chicken essence is good for pregnancy, as it helps boost energy, enhance immune system, and stimulate appetite. This nutritious product can also help revitalize a new mother as her body goes through the exhausting process of making milk while giving her mental clarify as her rest cycles revolves around taking care of a newborn infant.

2. Comfortable pajamas and slippers

New mums normally spend most of their days at home, caring for their babies. Make your loved one’s “work from home” experience as a new mother as comfortable as possible by gifting her with some cosy pyjamas and slippers she can wear all day long. Make sure these pyjamas are stretchy and made of soft fabrics so that new mum can move freely. The slippers should also be easy to slip into, as many women tend to experience postpartum swelling for weeks after giving birth.

3. Gift cards to a meal delivery service

Because motherhood comes with many responsibilities, mums, especially those caring for infants, usually do not have time to cook their own meals anymore. Therefore, if you know someone who is currently struggling to manage the difficulties of motherhood, you should give them gift cards to a meal delivery service. This kind of gift will definitely make life easier for a new mum and will give her the freedom to choose the foods she likes.

4. White noise machine

Having to wake up at midnight to calm a crying infant and get them to fall asleep back is probably one of the hardest parts of caring for a newborn. Fortunately, soothing white noise machines are already available to help parents make sure their babies sleep more soundly at night. As the kids grow older, this device can then be used to help them settle into sleep schedules.

5. Baby food maker

Baby food makers are becoming increasingly popular these days due to the convenience they bring. A baby food maker basically allows parents to easily and quickly make homemade meals for their babies without spending so much on store-bought baby food. Moreover, this machine helps parents ensure that no chemicals, additives, added sugars, and any other preservatives are present in their infants’ meals. This also comes with the added benefit of saving lots of money as baby food can often rack up a huge bill every month.


Motherhood is indeed a difficult but rewarding experience. Hence, if you know someone who has just given birth and is now experiencing the hardship and happiness of being a new mum, you should definitely give her something that will make her duties a lot easier and more bearable. This is also a way of showing your appreciation for her courage and dedication as a mother.

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