Best Times Can You Include Chicken Essence Into Your Diet

Best Times Can You Include Chicken Essence Into Your Diet

Chicken essence can be consumed on a variety of occasions – from students studying and pulling all-nighters for their revision to new mothers getting nutrients on their road to recovery or even as a supplement for the elderly or health-conscious.  

Maybe you have just received a chicken essence hampers or wish to consume chicken essence during pregnancy and might be wondering if there are different ways of introducing chicken essence into your diet, thinking if there is a difference made when consuming it at different parts of the day. We look into it in this article.

Drinking it straight from the bottle – early morning

Some people say that drinking chicken essence early in the day on an empty stomach is the best way to utilise this health supplement. We believe that this has something to do in conjunction with the belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Doing so will allow your body to immediately ingest and make use of the nutrients it has absorbed from the chicken essence right from the get-go, as your body is yearning for nutrition after a night’s rest. This is particularly important if you have a big day ahead and want to be fully prepared for it. But if not, chicken essence consumed this way does not necessarily increase its potency or nutritional value. 

Using it as part of a recipe – part of meal-time

Although we say that it’s part of a meal-time dish, most dishes prepared with chicken essence are essentially steamed or boiled. While it limits the type of dishes able to be prepared (like soups or steamed dishes) and we generally aren’t used to having these dishes for meals like breakfast or don’t take as much time to prepare for (like lunches), there are groups of people that will go the extra mile to preparing steamed or boiled dishes early in the day. These groups of people might be new mothers, the elderly, or those recovering from illnesses and surgeries.

While the dish itself would require specific ways of preparation (steaming, cooking of soups), it doesn’t affect the nutritional value of the dish itself. As long as the soup or broth is consumed in its entirety, the people eating the food will get the most out of what chicken essence has to offer. Chicken essence consumed this way improves the flavour of the food while gaining extra nutrition from the added ingredients.

Drinking chicken essence at night – does it affect our sleep?

Contrary to belief, chicken essence does not affect our quality of sleep. This is due to the natural nutrients in the nutritious broth that does not include any caffeine or artificial additive. While it has the nutrients of a full chicken, it doesn’t have the bulk of a full meal. This means that it can be easily absorbed and not disrupt the rest a person needs for the whole night.

This can be essential for people who have had a long day and require nutrients to recover and recuperate, especially if they have a long day ahead the next day. This can also be for those who haven’t had enough food and nutrients and intend to consume chicken essence as a substitute.

Conclusion – whatever fits you best

Honestly though, chicken essence is highly nutritious and versatile as a health supplement. As long as it fits into your eating habits and lifestyle, the most important part about chicken essence is consuming it and letting the nutrients get to work at nourishing your body.

If you are looking to send chicken essence for new mothers or to a friend burning midnight oil for their exams, you can do so by buying a set of chicken essence or even by sending a chicken essence hamper. You’ll be sure that they’ll be thankful for such a delicious and nutritious treat!

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