Thoughtful Gifts You Can Include In Your Next CNY Hamper

Thoughtful Gifts You Can Include In Your Next CNY Hamper

Chinese New Year is always a great time of festivities. We catch up with the relatives we love and spend time with our close ones over food, joy and laughter. Yet, there might also be times in which we want to go that extra mile to appreciate someone, whether they be our elderly, bosses, or even just someone we love and respect.

Chinese New Year hampers aren’t a new thing, yet it might not be something most people send. And so, if you are looking to send your first premium CNY chicken essence hamper (or if you’re just starting to look into what items you should include), here are some things that shouldn’t be missing!

1. Abalone

Abalone, known as 鲍鱼 (Bàoyú), is always seen and eaten during Chinese New Year or throughout Chinese celebrations like weddings. It isn’t a coincidence as Abalone is symbolic of abundance and good fortune and sending it during Chinese New Year signifies a prosperous new year ahead.

It is also widely used in many Chinese New Year recipes, from hotpot to dinner dishes and even used in lo hei. Abalone holds its own as both a premium and practical gift that all hampers can’t do without.

2. Bird’s Nest

Known as one of the best nutritious gifts that one can send, especially to someone recovering or needs nourishment, Bird’s Nest is one of the most popular tonics known in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is believed to offer many health benefits, from improving a person’s immune system to inducing radiant skin. This protein-rich supplement is also easily absorbed by the body while having a novel taste and texture that is enjoyed by most who drink it.

Most commonly seen as a gift to the elderly (as Bird’s Nest can be easily consumed), this item can also be seen in hampers because it is believed to be highly nutritious and easily consumed – a respectful and practical gift.

3. Chicken Essence

Whether it is made from modern methods or as the traditional essence of chicken, most of us don’t need an introduction to this widely seen and widely used health supplement. Made by boiling or heating a whole chicken to extract all of its nutrients, chicken essence is some of the most nutrient-dense liquids that can be found on the market.

Yet, this nutritious broth is widely trusted because it comes without any artificial additive. All of its nutrients come solely from the usage of a whole chicken as an ingredient, giving it a great taste without the need for any additional steps. Like Bird’s Nest, chicken essence is easily consumed, making it ideal as a gift hamper item. Know someone who is about to be a new mother? It is beneficial to consume chicken essence during pregnancy, so be sure to include this in your hamper for sure!

4. Red Packets

Finally, we have to include red packets as a Chinese New Year gift to signify the purpose and intent of the hamper. It naturally conveys your good wishes for them for the year ahead. A simple addition but a key one nonetheless!


It is without a doubt that Chinese New Year is a great time to send our loved ones a hamper, especially those we don’t see often but would very much love to appreciate and care for.

For all other times of the year, Chicken essence remains a great gift that can be sent regularly. Whether it be a small but thoughtful chicken essence hamper or a general CNY hamper sent to respect and care for our elderly parents or bosses, there are many opportunities for us to go the extra mile for them.

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