Why Is Chicken Essence So Popular In Asian Countries?

Why Is Chicken Essence So Popular In Asian Countries?

We’ve all known about the use of chicken essence to boost concentration, provide nutrition, and aid recovery. You often see people buying chicken essence for new mothers or even sending chicken essence hampers to the elderly or those who are recovering from surgery. But have you ever wondered why it is so much more popular in Asian countries and cultures as compared to the west? 

Whenever we hear about boosting concentration there, it’s inevitably a conversation about coffee or caffeinated drinks. How about nutrition? It’s another conversation about vitamins and health supplements in pill or tablet form. What does chicken essence do that those drinks can’t?

1. Wide range of nutrients to nourish the body

This is definitely the most important point when it comes to the use of chicken essence as a nutritional health supplement. But rather than just focusing on a tablet with a single type of nutrient, chicken essence distills the goodness of a whole chicken down into a thickly nutritious liquid that can be easily and deliciously consumed.

You are almost taking in more than an entire meal’s worth of great nutrients that can help boost your body, whether it is for recovery or to make up for any lacking nutrients – all in a single mouthful. Compared to other health supplements like vitamin C or multivitamin tablets, chicken essence doesn’t just seek to strengthen the immune system but also provides nutrition for the entire body. 

2. None of the added sugars

Some drinks that are known to boost concentration often come packed to the brim with sugars. Not only does it end up leading to an inevitable crash later in the day, but it is also unhealthy for your body and can cause a whole host of issues ranging from an upset stomach to an unbalanced diet. In fact, the sugar is purely there to make the drink taste good and provide a short-term, temporary boost to your concentration.

Chicken essence does not require sugar to taste good (it comes from the natural umami and savouriness of high-quality chicken as an ingredient) and does not result in a crash after consumption. It seeks to naturally boost the body’s natural functions, especially as a long-term, sustainable health supplement.

 3. Contains zero caffeine

Chicken essence also contains zero caffeine, a natural additive that is extremely common in energy drinks. It does not seek to boost concentration through the use of this energy-inducing stimulant, often used to provide a short-term and quick boost as the last resort.

This means that chicken essence can be consumed safely and without worry throughout any point of the day as it would not interrupt your sleep or rest cycles. This can be very effective, especially for people who want to consume a nutritious supplement before they sleep to make up for any nutrients they lack during the course of a busy day.


It isn’t hard to see why chicken essence is so popular, given the natural means it seeks to bring nourishment to the body. Especially for people that seek long-term recovery or health benefits, chicken essence is definitely a sustainable and delicious supplement that can be included easily into your lifestyle.

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